Our Story

The Sawdust Pile was created in 2015 with a want to create my own gifts.  The start was rough as I had no vision of what I wanted to do other than I knew I wanted to create beautiful things.   With no experience using "man" tools I decided to try out a circular saw one weekend.  Needless to say it was amazing and wood became my thing.

In 2016 after a little argument over all the "sawdust piles" I was leaving in the garage destroying all my husband Ryan's thing, The Sawdust Pile seemed fitting and became our name.  He still doesn't like the name LOL. 

Each item I make is handcrafted, hand-built, & painted by myself.  Some ideas come from customers request others are inspiration from life, social media, or Pinterest.  I take pride in doing the hard work myself.  Each piece has a little love, sweat, & cuss words mixed in.